Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Installing Clearcase/Clearquest on Ubuntu 10.04

Just a couple of pointers if you ever need to install CC/CQ  on ubuntu 10.04.
First and foremost, their instructions for installing CC on a 64 bit system are missing a vital step. They tell you to install the 32 bit compat libraries (fair enough) and libstdc++5 amongst other things. Well, libstdc++5 is no longer available with 10.04 so they messed up there (and their binaries are built against it). Just follow the instructions at for how to get around the problem. Easy enough really.
Now, CQ. Set up your repositories from the IBM Installation manager with the patch as well but there are a few issues you’'ve got to be aware of. Firstly, the install fails because it can’t install gsk7bas-7.0-4.11.i386.rpm. Well, it’s a debian system so that would be correct.
Anyway, it does come with rpm but you have got to make sure you do a …...
sudo rpm –rebuilddb

first. That still won'’t get you out of the woods as installing an rpm on ubuntu/debian requires the use of –--force-debian
So ...
sudo bash
cd /usr/bin
mv rpm rpm.real
cat > rpm << EOF
# Wrapper script to force RPM installs on Debian based systems
/usr/bin/rpm.real --force-debian $*
chmod 755 rpm
and then try the install again.
Well, it seems to work, but I can’t tell until I have a license server :)