Wednesday, 31 March 2010

How to get ClearQuest 7.1.1 running on SLES/SLED11

Well, rational themselves says it won't work, but I got it to.
Make sure you have the update repositories added (you may need to add 11.1 repositories).

Update to latest firefox by adding mozilla repository

zypper addrepo --refresh mozilla

remove existing firefox

zypper remove firefox

Install new one (update won't work which is why we remove first)

zypper install mozilla:MozillaFirefox

This will not only give you firefox 3.6 but also update to a version of xulrunner which will work with CQ 7.1.1

Add the following to /opt/ibm/RationalSDLC/clearquest/rcp/configuration/config.ini


Or what ever the xulrunner is for 1.9.2. 1.9.0 and old 1.9.1 won't work!

Add the same line to /opt/ibm/RationalSDLC/clearcase/RemoteClient/configuration/config.ini

to get clearcase remote client to work also!